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Winter Trends 2015

Winter Trends For Men - Winter 2015

Winter Trends for Men 2015 - Grey on Grey

A common thread between men’s and women’s trends for winter is grey. Grey layered on grey. Light, dark and mid. It is also common to see winter white and outfits entirely in white. Is  grey really the new black? Certainly more people can wear it, it’s not so harsh, it can be worn with a bright without it looking garish and it works as well as a colour for business as it does for sports wear. To be fashion forward, layer your grey and use different textures, fabrics and patterns to create a completely unique look.

Winter Trends Men Grey Colour
Winter Trends for Men 2015 - Grey on Grey

The Trackser (Tracksuit trouser).

Winter Trends Men 2015 - The Trackser
Winter Trends for Men 2015 - Grey on Grey

Yes you read right and I just made that word up. It’s the name for the tracksuit pant that is masquerading as a trouser. Some may call it the military look but for me they definitely trigger the tracksuit idea.  I used to think they were very odd but think they look great now for something different to the humble staple jean. The sporty, masculine, action guy needs to wear these. Go for a neutral colour or flaunt it with a statement colour.

Puffer Vest

Go the all out sporty look – high top sneakers (or similar – perhaps even dessert boots or doc martins), hoodie and T shirt or tight fitting knit with puffer vest.  Love the puffer vest colours in Uniqlo! Can have a lot of fun with them, toastie warm and very reasonably priced. Wear them with the trackser or with denim, wear them over t shirt or knit or hoodie. Play and enjoy knowing you look and feel super warm!

Are you man enough for Pink!

If you happen to be comfortable enough in your own skin you may just be man enough to sport some pink this winter. Whether it be a soft pale pink or a bright strong pink there is something for every skin tone. You can sport it in a polo, a business shirt, pant, tie or knit and you’ll be right on trend. Personally I Love a soft pink with grey, but that is just personal preference. How will you wear your pink this winter?


Pink for Men
Winter Trends for Men 2015 - Pink


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