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Personal stylist Annalisa Armitage on what makes David Beckham a fashion marketing sensation

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style consultation

As a personal stylist, Annalisa can work with you to create your own unique style that is memorable and credible while reflecting your personality, your goals and your lifestyle.

A style consultation is focused on creating and defining a style that is YOU. If you are unsure or confused about what your style is, then this is the consultation for you.

We start with a personality assessment, this unique and amazing process really gets to the crux of who you are and results in a set of descriptive words which we call your "Style Words".

Body Shape:
Once we have discovered your style words we look at your body shape, assets and flaws. This process will usually create some limitations to the style of clothes you should wear and highlight some of the better cuts that will show off your assets.

We will have a quick look at your colouring to see if there are any colours or contrast levels that you need to avoid.

Putting it into action:
We will then take these style words along with the other elements and create outfits from your wardrobe that reflect this style. This will give you an idea of how to use the style words to create the looks that will be congruent with who you are.

The cost of the style consultation is $380 for the first 2 hours and $150 per hour for each hour after that. There is a 10% surcharge if you require a weekend consultation

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personal shopping

Shopping for clothes is a great way to pass the time if you are that way inclined but if you aren’t it is just a laborious, time consuming chore. It would be much easier if the shop assistant could just take you by the hand and show you the best items for you. The only problem is that you can’t trust a shop assistant. They are being paid to sell you things not to make sure you get the best outcome for your money. 
You need an assistant that knows you, knows your requirements, has your best interest at heart, is totally unbiased and is dedicated to making you look good. Instead of trying to fleece you for as much money as possible, they should be trying to save you money.
What you need is an unbiased personal shopper. 

Not all personal shoppers are the same.

Some personal shoppers get paid by the retailer and are incentivised to sell you as much product as possible. Others are paid in the form of a percentage of sales as in a kick-back. Some personal shoppers will be charging you by the hour and getting kick-backs without your knowledge. You need to avoid these personal shoppers, because as much as they want to help you, they are also motivated by making money for themselves.

Our philosophy

It is a My Image Consultant philosophy that we must be beyond reproach, professional and unbiased. We are offered kick-backs by the retailers like any other personal shopper, however we don’t pocket the kick-back. You do! All our incentives are passed directly onto you in the form of a discount on your purchase price up to 20% in some stores. This way we can remain totally focused on making sure your requirements are the priority.


Our personal shopper Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP is an experienced full time personal stylist and a certified professional image consultant. For more information on Annalisa, click here.

Personal Shopping costs $380 for the first 2 hours, and $150 per hour for each subsequent hour.
There is a 10% surcharge if you require a weekend consultation.

Call personal stylist Annalisa Armitage to make an appointment on 0413 898 776 or use our contact page to email her.

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Personal Branding

Having a strong personal brand gets you noticed and remembered for all the right reasons and affects the way that others relate to you.

What is personal branding?

We can all learn from big companies and their use of branding, it is everywhere, a big swoosh on your trainers, a big red flying Kangaroo on the tail of the plane, the distinctive logo on every motor vehicle. If you want to be a marketable commodity you also need a brand, a Personal Brand.
    When it comes to your look, personal branding is very much a combination of the style of clothes and colours you wear, your hairstyle, the way you wear your facial hair and your standard of grooming.
    Part of the personal branding process is developing the way you look which will determine how you are perceived by others. You are a walking advertisement for Me Inc. and the way you look will have a huge impact on the subconscious decisions people make about you. What we can do is make sure that what you are portraying to the world is “you” in your best possible light.

The Process

Initially our personal branding consultation focuses on your personality, your current circumstances and your aspirations in order to establish a plan to create a “Personal Brand” that will help you to achieve your goals. 
    It is important that your “Personal Brand” reflects the real you, so the first thing we do is go through a personality assessment in order to find out who the real you is. This amazing process leaves us with your 'Style Words', a set of words that describes you to a T.
    The second stage will be a colour analysis to discover what colours, contrast levels and fabric textures are going to best complement your complexion. We then cross reference these colours with your Style Words, which helps us to further refine the colours that will help define your brand.
    After that we will do a body type analysis so that we fully understand what styles and cuts look best on you. Once again we cross reference the results against your style words to further define your brand and ensure that it works for you.
    Once we have completed the initial analysis stage we will need one or two elements that will make you stand out from everyone else, something that people will remember you by. For Annalisa it is her long hair, for you it may be your dazzling smile, your penchant for wearing vests, or even the fine suits you wear. These elements must again fit in with your style words to ensure everything you wear is sending the same message.
    We will define each element of your personal brand so that you are armed with a clear idea of how to build your image. Annalisa will then either take you shopping for 2 hours to get you started on the right foot or go into your wardrobe to put outfits together for 2 hours.

    As a personal stylist, Annalisa can work with you to create your own unique style that is memorable and credible while reflecting your personality, your goals and your lifestyle. It's about marketing yourself in the best possible light.

A Personal Branding Exercise costs $680 for the first four hours and $150 per hour for each subsequent hour, it usually takes between 4 and 6 hours.
There is a 10% surcharge if you require weekend appointments.
Call personal stylist Annalisa Armitage to make an appointment on 0413 898 776 or use our contact page to email her.

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A style makeover is a development of your personal style. At the end of the process you will have a wardrobe that works for your body shape, complexion, personality and lifestyle and supports you to reach your goals, quickly and efficiently.  A style makeover is designed to fast track a new personal style and have it working for you within a couple of days. It is for those people who don’t want to spend the next couple of years on a journey of discovery.  If you need a new style now this makeover is for you.

First Step - Analysis
The stylist will complete an in depth analysis of your personality, ambitions, and tastes to get a good idea of the image you want to show the world. Once this idea has been clearly and concisely developed into words you then move onto the next stage to analyse your body shape, face shape and complexion to get a clear idea of the cuts and colours that suit you best.

Using your current clothes
The personal stylist will then look at your current wardrobe and put together outfits that work with the style that has been developed from the clothes that you already own. She will photograph any outfits she finds for your easy reference. If there aren’t any complete outfits in your wardrobe she will look for pieces that may work with your style and create a shopping list of the things you need in order to create a serviceable wardrobe in the style you have defined together. At the end of this segment you’ll have photographs of the outfits that work, perhaps some clothes to alter and often a pile of clothes that can be removed from your wardrobe.

Second Step - Shopping and hair
The next step is to go shopping and purchase all the items needed to develop your unique style. While you are out in the shops it is usually a good time to visit the hair-stylist to create a hair-style to go with your new personal style. Our personal-stylist will liaise with the hair-stylist to ensure they produce a style that works with the personal style that was developed in the first meeting.

Last Step - Photographing and categorising
The last step in the process is to put all the outfits together and photograph them, so that you can easily reference the photographs when you are getting dressed. The photographs will be sorted into categories, so that when you are going to work you choose from a different category to the outfits that are designed for weekends or nights out.

Time to relax
The whole process takes a couple of day depending on how you spread it out. In the end you have a brand new unique personal style that will meet all of your objectives and you won’t have to think about getting dressed. You will always be appropriately dressed and showing the world a consistent image.

When your clothes wear out or get damaged you can replace them like for like, or by then it may be time to do an update to keep your style fresh. People spend years developing their personal style and often buy a lot of clothes that they end up not wearing. With this process you can develop a personal style in a couple of days and be confident that the clothes you purchase will work with your chosen style, saving you lots of money.

The price of this makeover starts from $1580 for ten hours with each additional hour costing $150. Normally a style makeover will take around 10-12hours to complete.

Note: For some people it works really well to get all 3 segments of the make-over completed in a couple of days – for others they like to spread it out over weeks. Our stylist can work around what works best for you. If you would like to chat through your particular circumstances and plan your style make-over, call Annalisa on 0413 898 776.

For more information or to make a booking, call Annalisa any day up until 9pm on 0413 898 776.

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colour consultation

A colour consultation is a one on one colour analysis and coaching session on what colours complement your complexion, hair and eye colour best, and how to use these colours for optimal effects.

First Step:
Determining the colours that complement your complexion is the first step. Once that step is complete our stylist will create a colour swatch for you to use as a guide to the colours that will work for you. She will then coach you on how to use the swatch to best help you buy clothes and put outfits together.

Better Purchasing Decisions:
Armed with this information, buying clothes will be easier, and you will be better armed to create your own personal style.

A Colour Consultation costs $395* and takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours. You can add extra time creating outfits in your wardrobe for $150 per hour.

*There is a 10% surcharge if you require a weekend consultation.

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Thanks for your time and assistance Annalisa. You have helped me go from someone who had a lot of clothes but little confidence in knowing how to wear them to someone who now has a full wardrobe of outfits that compliment me as a person and most importantly makes me feel great!
Thanks Again,
Vik - Sydney, Aug 2015

Hi Annalisa, Thank you so much for the fantastic days Adrian and I had with you. You were just so easy going I actually had fun doing something I usually dread - shopping! We learnt so much and as we venture further trying new things we're getting great feedback from our friends and colleagues.
We wish you all the best too.
Shelly and Adrian, March 2011

"I am loving the ease of not trying to work out which tie goes with which shirt. It's given me an extra 5 minutes sleep each workday! :) …… Thank you again for your time. It was fabulous to get your input on what works (and doesn't work) and I feel empowered to shop and dress with more confidence."
Matt Ryan
June 09

Call personal stylist Annalisa Armitage any day up until 9pm on 0413 898 776 to discuss your needs.


"It feels great wearing the new clothes… I’m surprised about how much of a pick-me-up it has been. There’s not a single item that I regret buying so I think that’s a huge win!"
Jason, Sep 09

"It was great to meet with you (Annalisa) on Wednesday and I enjoyed the process.  I have every intention of using the information I learnt – and am excited regarding the prospect.
As discussed – I am not really a shopper – but with the assistance of this new information – I can see myself actually enjoying the process.
I will keep in touch and let you know if I need your assistance in “trashing” the wardrobe"

Patrick Flanagan August 2008

Everything went really well with uni over the weekend and more importantly, so many positive comments yesterday and today at work. The Anton pants were a huge hit as is the hair.
Thank you for everything and I'll be in contact the next time I want to go for a big shop - so much more fun that way.

Nathan Lithgow - Surry Hills, Oct 2008




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