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Personal Stylist Sydney

Personal stylists, often referred to as fashion stylists or image consultants are image experts who help people to create a "personal style" or "image" that in some way helps them to achieve their goals. The type of help personal stylists provide can be focused on discovering the colours and cuts that flatter you or it could be more direct help focused around purchasing outfits or putting together outfits from your wardrobe. It is not all about dressing, personal stylists are also experts in grooming, makeup, and hair styles.

A good personal stylist will take into account the private nature of the way people dress and their individual reasons for doing so. Often the problems people have with their individual style are extremely sensitive. An exceptional personal stylist will be able to make a client feel relaxed and happy in order to allow them to open up about their dressing dilemmas.

The personal stylist services should not only be informative and educational, but also be fun and creative.


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Annalisa Armitage
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What makes David Beckham a fashion marketing sensation

Personal Style

Your style is as individual as you are and through using the correct cuts, colours and styles our fashion stylist can help you become more:

  • Attractive - appealing to others: wearing the right colours and styles greatly enhances your image and your appeal.
  • Effective - wear fashion apparel that is appropriate and that supports your image and the achievement of your goals
  • Authentic - with the right image the outer self is a true reflection of the inner self.
  • Confident - the knowledge of what looks best on you gives you confidence. You feel better about yourself and carry yourself better.
  • Current - an up to date image but not a slave to short term fashion fads

Call us today on 0413898776 or email us through our Contact Us page.

Case Study Arabella Sydney

Arabella from Sydney is mother to triplets in pre-school. She had decided it was time to do something for herself and thought to employ a fashion stylist to update her image, she contacted us to book in a colour and personal stylist session. These are her comments written a week after the consultation “

“I am really enjoying looking at clothes and accessories from a new perspective, and having the confidence to trust my own instincts more.

Colour-wise, I feel like I have so many more options, and I don't have to go for the same old colours I would have chosen. I have also managed to resurrect a few things from my wardrobe that I never wore, but with a bit of tweaking I think will be great. Thanks for a great day.

I really enjoyed myself, and found it thoroughly worthwhile.”

Arabella, Sydney.

Hi A,
"First let me thank you for the most amazing enriching relevant experience I have ever had!! My head is swimming with all the information and I cannot wait to sit down this weekend and sort out the book and my wardrobe! Today I wore my hair up and tried the makeup thing. Felt great. All that you presented feels attainable, not like some fancy recipe you love to look at but know you will never actually cook.
I love that I can now develop a vocabulary for style and present myself in a much better way than I have been. Thank you for not being judgemental at all, I felt like I had known you for years and we were just having a girly day. Yep, you are good at what you do."
Thanks again,

Coral engaged us as her personal stylist for a makeover in Jan 2010

Hi A,
It was an absolutely fantastic day on Saturday, and the more I think about my new colours and styles the more confident and cosmopolitan I begin to feel. Even my husband - the King of Cynics - was agreeably surprised when I put a teal green cardigan against my face.
Thanks for all the personal shopper tips. I can't wait to put them into action, and it would be great to catch up with you for coffee.
I have done a preliminary wardrobe purge and feel quite virtuous. Do you know anyone who would like some black clothes!!??? ... there's a big pile waiting for one of my friends to go through.... I've also used my teal eye shadow and put on a pair of my daughter's dangly earrings. How revolutionary is that!
All very exciting, and quite liberating I think.
All the best, and thanks again for Saturday.

Rosemary engaged our personal stylist for a makeover in in Jan 2010

"Thanks again for all your help, i appreciate all the time and effort, and i had a lot of fun. I think the process was precise and effective with efficiency."

K.N. Hired My Image Consultant Sydney as her fashion stylist in Sep 09

Hi A,
It feels great wearing the new clothes… I’m surprised about how much of a pick-me-up it has been. There’s not a single item that I regret buying so I think that’s a huge win!
I will be keen for another shop sometime in the near future, I just need to get some of the US trip expenses out of the way first. I also really need sunglasses, are you able to help with that?
Thanks again,

Jason used our fashion stylist services in Sep 09.

Hi AA,
“ I've been meaning to write you and thank you for ages. I really want to thank you again for all of your help and for spending extra time with me so I could get a great start to a new wardrobe. I really appreciate it.
 I feel so much better getting dressed now. Rather than struggling to find something to wear, I now actually have a choice, and it's a great one - thanks to you.
Thanks very much for sending through the photos, it really is amazing how much better I look with the makeup you did. Andrew (husband) thinks my new look is very good, he is happy that I am happy and he thinks I look great.
 Thanks again, and have a great weekend!”
Kind regards,

Larissa hired My Image Consultant Sydney as her personal stylist in July 2010.

image consultant women

my image consultant sydney


The benefits of a massage or facial only last a few days; an image consultant gift voucher for a makeover colour and/or style consultation will have benefits that last forever.

Image Consultant Gift Certificate


Personal Shopper Sydney

Personal shopper services provided by our fashion stylist Annalisa are one of the most gratifying and valuable services we offer.
To have a trusted colleague by your side when you shop is always reassuring, but to have thorough assurance you need an unbiased professional personal shopper. The shop assistants have an ulterior motive and always seem to think that the worst outfits look great. Your friends, even though they will be well meaning, will be advising you to buy things that look great on themselves, as that is what they think looks good. But unless you have the same shape and colour as them, their advice will be off the mark. Only a professional fashion stylist with no ulterior motives will be able to give you the unbiased advice that you need when you shop for clothes.
Our personal shopper does not take any commissions from shop keepers, so you can be confident in our impartiality, if a shop keeper offers a kickback we pass that on to you as a discount on the clothes you are buying and we don't let it influence our advice. Some personal shoppers do take kick-backs from stores, however you can often tell from the prices they charge. Other personal shoppers are hired by the store and are no more than a glorified shop assistant. I would strongly advise not to go with another personal shopper because they are cheaper, you need someone you can trust to be impartial. Our integrity is important to us, it is important that we feel good about what we do, not only for our clients sake, but for our own piece of mind.
Our personal shopper is a certified professional and expert at maximising assets and minimise flaws, if something doesn’t look right she will not only notice she will be able to tell you exactly why it doesn't and have a solution for you. So when you do make purchasing decisions you will make them with the absolute confidence you get from having the full picture.
Some people love shopping, but others hate it and see it as a waste of time. Our personal shopper makes shopping for clothes a breeze, and because it is so easy it becomes much more fun. You will find that instead of taking days and days to find all the outfits you need, you will be able to do it in two or three hours, saving you time, money and frustration.
When you are shopping with our personal shopper you are much more likely to buy clothes that you love, you won't be tempted to buy something that does not suit you just because it is reduced to half price. You will find that shopping with us actually saves you money as you are not buying things you won't wear.
If you don't love shopping you probably don't have much to wear, you may be finding it hard each day to get dressed, and you probably don't feel overly confident when you do go out. Our personal shopper can solve all your problems while saving you time and money. It may sound a little over indulgent to have your own personal shopper, like the movie stars and American politicians, however, when you think about it, it is really a wise financial decision.
Our personal shopper services costs $360 for 2 hours. If you are after something unusual we will do a pre-shop so we know where we can find the items you are after, at no extra cost to you. Additional personal shopper hours are charged at a rate of $130 per hour on a pro-rata basis.

To make an appointment email us from our contacts page or call Annalisa directly on 0413898776

More Comments

Hi AA,
"Thanks for a great day. I could not wait to go to work today!!! Wearing the “brick” singlet & realised it is a colour that I love. My one caramel Thurley shirt was worn by  a newsreader this morning!!!
Looking forward to meeting again soon.
Kind Regards

(Gillian engaged My Image Consultant Sydney's personal shopper service in March 2012)

Hi Annalisa,
" Just wanted to say a (very belated) thank you for the lovely morning we spent together and the fabulous wardrobe you helped me put together. Things got very hectic for my remaining stay in Sydney with my daughter in hospital etc. but I wore most of my new gear whilst there and had many compliments. I felt really terrific and comfortable which was wonderful.
So once again, many thanks!
Best wishes,
Sally, Sydney
June 2015

Hi AA,
"Thank you so much for your time on Friday!  Meg learnt so much from you, largely that she can be a lot more courageous in her clothing choices, and to be ‘authentic’ in choosing a wardrobe, which means developing her own style and ‘look’.  As you said, she definitely shouldn’t waste money on buying clothing that only rates a six or so out of ten.  

She loves the ‘bonus’ dress, which we weren’t actually looking for, but will be great later on (e.g. her year 10 formal!). The shoes were the main issue for her, so it was an extra bonus that you were able to find a solution.  That was a great help! 

We’re both very grateful for your assistance, and hope you continue advising people on styling, as we will no doubt need to consult with you again when Meg is a bit older!"

Mary, Orange NSW.

"Good Morning A,
It was a pleasure meeting you. I can't thank you enough. I love all the outfits. Hopefully we get to do this again :)
I haven't worn any outfits yet. But tomorrow we are going to one event so I am going to wear the pink top and blue jacket with black pants.
Thanks again."

Kind Regards,
Sweta, Sydney
June 2015


Personal Stylist Sydney

Often people would consider using a fashion stylist to be an expensive extravagance, when in fact it will actually save them time and money. Creating great outfits from fashion items you already own and don't know how to wear is like shopping in your wardrobe. Buying fashion items that fit, look good and flatter you will save you money by not buying items you don't wear. The efficiency of a personal stylist or personal shopper means you will save an enormous amount of time shopping. This equates to hours and hours of time you can invest elsewhere and if shopping is not a pastime you particularly enjoy this can be a godsend.


Hi Annalisa,

Thank you for sending through the pics from our shopping day and following up. It has been a whirlwind few weeks and I apologise that I haven't been in touch sooner. The best thing in amongst all the busy-ness is that getting dressed each day has been a breeze. I don't recall a single day since we went shopping that I've struggled with what to wear. In fact, I've been spoilt for choice.

I've also had lots of fabulous comments from people, especially about the brighter colours I've been wearing and everyone is coveting my black/blue/aqua heels and little aqua belt.

Thank you again for your time and guidance. This has been such a positive experience for me!
Thanks again,

Meg Sydney.

Meg started 2016 with us helping her sort out her wardrobe, creating outfits from her current clothes and then shopping with her for what was missing.

Dear Annalisa,
"I had the best time today thank you so much. I love all the looks we have purchased and from shops I've never stepped foot in.
Tonight I had one of my girlfriends over and we tried on all the outfits.
You have changed my whole attitude to the way I look and dress thank you so much!
I'll definitely contact you in August/September for more shopping for my 'function quarter'!
Thank you again I'm so happy"

Cheers, Jenny Moroney - Sydney.

Jenny went did a personal shopping trip with Annalisa in Feb 2016.

Why you should use Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP as your personal stylist.

  1. Annalisa is fabulous at making her clients feel comfortable and at ease. It is not only a learning experience. With Annalisa it is always a fun day out. Even for people who hate shopping.
  2. Even though she possesses a keen innate eye for style and detail, and a passion for all things aesthetic, she does not rely heavily on her subjective opinion, she will use many objective measures to ensure her clients are wearing the correct fashion apparel for them individually.
  3. Annalisa always takes into account her clients individual preferences and feelings, she won’t make her clients wear things they are not comfortable in.
  4. She will work within your budget, and help you find fashion items that you can afford.
  5. Totally unbiased professional advice. Annalisa does not receive any commission from any retailer, if she is offered a commission she will pass this on to you in the form of a discount. Many personal shoppers will take you to the shops that offer them the best incentives and this adds a bias to their advice. You need someone to give you totally unbiased advice; otherwise you would just ask the shop assistant.
  6. She will teach you to shop for yourself, and provide you with guides on how to do so, if this is what you prefer.
  7. Annalisa will not focus on the latest fads, and if she recommends a trendy item to you, she will give you an idea on how long that item will be fashionable for.
  8. As one of the few professional fashion stylists in Sydney to be a member of AICI she has chosen to abide by the strict Code Of Ethics, which in turn gives you confidence that what we say on this website is true and accurate and that she will always act in a professional manner in all her dealings.
  9. As an AICI CIP (Certified Image Professional) Annalisa is accredited as a professional image consultant, one of only 130 CIP's in the world and only 4 in Sydney. Anybody can call themselves a fashion stylist, but only a few have the professional experience required to make a difference to the wide variety of people and styles.

Annalisa's Philosophy

"I believe that everyone has the right to feel good in what they are wearing and to have confidence in their attire. I believe that a person's clothes should not be a constant issue in their lives. I believe that a person's style should reflect who they are, not determine who they are. We should not be held back and judged poorly on what we are wearing, we should be able to step out every day with confidence."
Annalisa Armitage, AICI CIP.

Colour DrapingColour Draping helps find the best colours for your complexion

Just do it!

Call us directly on 0413 898 776 or email us through our contact us page



For a hesitant customer who had never considered seeing a stylist before, both my consulting experience and shopping experience with Annalisa were extremely positive. Her professionalism and skill were outstanding, but her warmth and sincerity made for great company as well.  She taught me to work with my strengths and let go of the rest! 

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease at which we flew through the shops - an extremely productive two hours of researched and informed selections. I know that Annalisa's expertise has saved me both money, and a significant amount of time!

Ultimately, working with Annalisa  has transformed my morning routine...  I have found the Zen in my outfit selection, allowing me more time to hang with my two children before we begin our busy days. I thank you Annalisa & think you are really clever at what you do. 

Tabitha M.
Tabitha engaged Annalisa in May 2015 as her personal stylist. Shopping in Sydney had never been so much fun.

Some lovely comments from our fabulous clients

Hi Annalisa,
"Just want to say a big thank you for a wonderful day today. I now feel more confident.  God only knows how much money I have wasted over the years (on buying the wrong clothes).....don't even want to go there. Really loving the skinny coloured jeans.  I never dreamed that at 56 I would be wearing skinny jeans!!!!! I am feeling really good about that. And the jackets!!! Well say no more....unreal buys.
So glad I found you and will definitely stay in touch for further advice on my wardrobe.
Love your honesty and professional manner. 
Thanks again, take care and stay warm."

Love Rose xx

Annalisa worked with Rose in June and July 2015 to help Rose to develop her own style. The brief was that she didn’t want to feel frumpy and old lady but also didn’t want to look like 'mutton dressed up as lamb' either. They started with analysis and understandings of colours, styles, and of course her personality and then went through Rose's wardrobe. This session was 4 hrs. They then spent 3.5 hrs shopping to find the missing bits in her winter wardrobe. They'll do her summer wardrobe as the season approaches.

Hi Annalisa,
Thanks so much for your time yesterday. It was a huge success and I didn’t expect to get so many clothes in one trip! Plus, thanks to your discounts,
(My Image Consultant Sydney has secured a 20% discount at some boutiques in the city) I was well within budget!
Thanks also for the outline below and attaching all the photos that you took. I plan to go shopping this weekend for shoes. I have attached photos of the shoes I bought recently from Nine West but haven’t worn much. Hopefully some of them will work with my new combinations as well.
Would definitely be interested in a wardrobe review or top-up later in the year. Will be in touch!
Thanks so much. It was a lot of fun!

Shari engaged us in Feb 2015 as her personal stylist. Sydney personal shopping is cost effective with our special discounts.

"Hi Annalisa,
Thanks so much for yesterday, it was great fun and I really enjoyed your expertise and advice and most of all shopping with somebody that appreciates and understands fashion while giving an honest opinion. 
Looking forward to arranging another meeting for my winter outfit.”

Merry Xmas and thanks again,
Karen - Newcastle

Karen from Newcastle was the recipient of a 3 hr shopping gift voucher in Dec 2015.

"Hello Annalisa, Happy New Year!
I can't believe its February 2015! I was only just looking forward to Christmas. I can't tell you how much you changed my life last year. I learned so much in a short space of time and it really gave me the confidence I needed.
I just looked back on the email below and can't believe it was August! It doesn't seem that long ago. I still have things I want to learn from you though. I have made some choices and purchases on my own but I still struggle again with combinations. I'm ok with that though in that I'm now ready to learn some new things from you.
As I said in my last email; I wanted to catch up again when I was 85kg and I've just hit the goal!! I'm now in size 16 instead of 18-20 pants and 14 tops sometimes smaller. Unfortunately I'm traveling a bit in the next month or so but I'll be making contact in about six weeks for another catch up.
I've bought some 14 dresses but I'm still not sure about wearing certain things again until we've caught up. I'm still wearing the light blue Sportscraft suit we bought together. I received so many complements on the suit at a conference I went to, that I bought the black and dark blue as well. I did have to get the 16 pants to go with them.
The main thing I've learned is that having clothing sorted makes everyday life easier. It just goes to show that if you have options ready to go the day isn't stressful or is less so. The point is that the time and effort with you made life easier and I had no excuse when I was bigger for not trying to have options. I'm quite proud and grateful that I took the step to get in touch with you.

Thanks again, Annalisa. I mean it that sincerely! "

Lorinda engaged us in August 2014 as her personal stylist. Sydney's My Image Consultants makeover, wardrobe and personal shopping services will make a big impact on your life no matter what your size.

Hi A,
"I wanted to write to you and say a super THANK-YOU for making my birthday one of the most memorable birthdays I have ever had. I had so much fun and absolutely love all the new items in my wardrobe and look forward to wearing each and everyone one of them with confidence! I’ve already had some fabulous compliments on the ones I have warn.

I came home with the biggest smile and messed around with my new clothes like a kid with a brand new birthday toy! I mixed and matched them all and took pictures of all the different combinations. In one evening I put together 24! So you did a magnificent job. I took your advice and went to the store Hype to find a casual shoe and purchased a pair of white ‘Vans’ and they are so comfortable on my foot. You’ll be pleased to know that I discovered that my blue print pants I purchased were a size 16 so I took them back the next day for a size 14. You’re totally right I was buying a size that was too big. LOVE the new skinny jeans too. I felt very relaxed with you and thank-you for making the day so enjoyable and rewarding. It was nice to dedicate some time to myself and a pleasure to meet you."
Warmest regards

Julie was given a gift voucher for her birthday in Nov 2013 prompting her to engage us as her personal stylist. Sydney had the perfect shops and for our little makeover. Julie is not only looking great, she is also bursting with confidence.

Hi A,
I am still loving the benefits of your consultation! I am Loving my new wardrobe and adding to it as I find new pieces. It has made such an amazing difference to my life. I'm also loving my skinny pants and jeans!! My fitness and eating regime continues and I am feeling stronger month by month.
Thanks Again,

P.S. I have written you a testimonial(see below)
Andrea engaged us in August 2013 as her personal stylist. Sydney shopping is always fun with Annalisa.

A heartfelt thank you to Annalisa for working with me to overhaul my clothes and presentation. At 5ft 1 inch tall and softly spoken, I need all the help I can get in being taken seriously in my senior role at work. The experience was unexpectedly transforming and Annalisa's warm and approachable way, coupled with her laser focus on getting results was great.
The impact was immediate and I received lots of comments from colleagues in my team on my style being more tailored and fitted and on the colours I'm now wearing. Annalisa's tips on where to shop for my style were spot on and propelled me straight into action!
I'm a lot clearer now on what to wear and I don't waste precious time and energy worrying about clothes - I have a fabulous range of options in my wardrobe now and getting dressed is a breeze.

Andrea Prince
Executive Manager Human Resources
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney.

Hello AA,
"Thank you so much for sending the images through. I tried on all my new clothes for my husband tonight, and he thought they were great. He also thinks you're tops.
I also cannot believe how cheap it all was! All those clothes only cost $1750!!!! And that makes me happy, as it was well within budget. Yay.  Usually i am hopeless and pay $300 for one shirt because i love it... and then i can never work out what to wear it with again. LOL. So i am totally stoked thanks!"

Jenni engaged us in Aug 2013 as her personal stylist. Sydney has some great stores with some great bargains and Annalisa has a knack of finding just the right items for her clients.

Hi AA!
"I hope you're well, and really I just wanted to reply and say thanks again for a great day (if you still remember me). I was one of your 6ft clients I assume aren't that common? It really was fantastic spending the day with you in March and learning from you, definitely the most productive and stylish birthday I've ever had :) Well yes I do feel more focused when I'm shopping for clothes, I got the rest of the things on the list you wrote, I'm finding I'm much more comfortable in neutrals and colours and I've gotten rid of most of my black clothes. Since you said to stay away from black I've noticed just how many black clothes I have that I just don't wear, and that's because it doesn't really feel like a comfortable colour on me, well most of the items anyway. Some things have just gotta go, so they're off to the Salvo's after my friends pillage through them.  Excellent – well done!"
Thanks again,

March 2013

Hi A,
Even though I was a little anxious at first, I really had a wonderful time. I think staying at one department store was the best use of our time and gave us a lot of brands to choose from. Your advice on fit really showed me how to get the best from my body and colour doesn't scare me any more. As our personal shopper excursion was predominately for work clothes, I've now added some casual 'bottoms' as suggested to complete my winter wardrobe - denim skirt, opaque stockings, chocolate brown leggings (took me ages to find - Noni B of all places!) and custom made jeans should arrive next week.

I originally thought I'd be referring to the photos you took of my outfits frequently while I got use to the coloured items. But, knowing that all the colours compliment each other just makes getting dressed so easy! My family and friends have given me loads of compliments and using your fantastic advice has made my recent shopping trips a pleasure knowing what to look for then quickly and confidently disregarding those that don't meet my requirements. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks. So don't be surprised to hear from me again in preparation for summer!
Cheers and thanks again,
Lyndal employed My Image Consultant Sydney's personal stylist service in June 2011.

"Thanks to Annalisa, I now understand my colours and what style and shape to look out for, I feel great in my own skin and more confident spending money on good quality clothes! Absolutely recommended to all! (people looking for an image consultant)"

Leanne engaged My Image Consultant Sydney as her fashion stylist in Nov 07

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Hi AA,
"I had a great time on Friday, thanks so much. You're a lot of fun and clearly enjoy and are very good at what you do. You have very much opened my eyes to what is possible and I can't wait to hit the shops.

Laura engaged My image Consultant Sydney as her personal stylist in Jan 08

Annalisa is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, sincere and a great ambassador for the (personal stylist / image consultant) industry."

Allison used our personal stylist services in Dec 07

Hi AA,
“Many thanks again for your assistance. The booklet you provided me makes very good bedside reading and my people watching has taken on a new perspective - I have been really looking at the way people create illusions via the use of styling.”
Kind Regards,

Davina engaged our personal stylist services in Aug 2010.

Click here to read some more lovely comments from our fabulous clients

AA was recently featured on Channel 7's Today Tonight Sydney with Sally Obermeder, talking about Brazilian Butt Lift Jeans


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