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Personal Branding
Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP

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My Image Consultant Annalisa Armitage

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personal branding
Personal Branding Consultation

Some Lovely Comments from our Fabulous Clients

Hi Annalisa,
"Thank you so much for the fantastic days Adrian and I had with you. You were just so easy going I actually had fun doing something I usually dread - shopping! We learnt so much and as we venture further trying new things we're getting great feedback from our friends and colleagues. We'll have to send you some pictures from our up coming engagements to see if we passed the test :-)
All the Best Shelly
, Sydney.
(Shelly and Adrian both had personal branding consultations with My Image Consultant Sydney in June 2011)

Hi Annalisa, ...‘For someone who dislikes shopping, I was amazed we spent three hours in the change room - but the time just flew by (next time we'll need to bring champagne!). It was great to see how all the different pieces could work together and mix 'n match, plus learn what did and didn't look right and why. Armed with my new-found knowledge (and 25 new items for my wardrobe) I'm well on my way to establishing my 'brand'. I'm looking good and my husband does like the 'new look'!’ Thanks Again.
Christine, Sydney.
(Christine had a personal branding consultation with My Image Consultant Sydney in March 2011)

Hi Annalisa,
How are you? I wanted to thank you for your help with my wardrobe - getting dressed in the morning is so much easier! Shopping is much more purposeful now and I no longer waste my money on clothes that I won't wear. It'd be safe to say that I'm more daring in my choice of outfits now! I'm now married (have been since 13 Feb) and am a Senior Consultant at the Corporate division at Weber Shandwick and the new wardrobe certainly has made a difference to me professionally too.
Thanks again Cheers,
Phoebe Netto, Sydney.
(Pheobe engaged My Image consultant Sydney for a personal branding in Mar 2010.)

Hi Annalisa,
My head was spinning by the time I left the shop! I bought the four outfits that we had settled on, and need to go to Metallicus and American Apparel to get T-shirts and slip dresses to go under them. The shop is fun and Marie is very helpful. The whole programme was beneficial and it has given me different angles on my wardrobe - I am still getting used to all the colour! Thank you - it is a very beneficial service and I hope to see you again someday for some more shopping.
Muin, Sydney.
(Muin engaged My image Consultant Sydney for personal branding in July 2010)

Personal branding

Your "Personal Brand" is what gets you noticed and remembered and affects the way that others relate to you. It's about marketing yourself in the best possible light. As a professional image consultant or personal stylist, Annalisa Armitage can work with you to create a unique image that reflects your personality, your goals and your lifestyle.

We can all learn from big companies and their use of branding, it is everywhere, a big swoosh on your trainers, a big red flying Kangaroo on the tail of the plane, a big blue oval on the hood of a car. If you want to be a marketable commodity you also need branding, Personal Branding. Me Inc.

Part of that branding is the way you look and the way you carry yourself. You are a walking advertisement for Me Inc. What Annalisa can do, is make sure that what you are portraying to the world is the real you in your best possible light.

Initially the consultation focuses on your personality, your current circumstances and your aspirations in order to establish a plan to create a Personal Brand to help you to achieve your goals.

Personal branding is very similar to corporate branding. With corporate branding we need to work out the starting point. What is the company all about and what makes it unique? With personal branding we must work out who you are and what makes you unique before we can develop your brand.

It is important that your personal branding reflects the real you, so the first thing we do is go through a personality assessment in order to develop an idea of who the real you is.

The result of our personality assessment is a set of words that describe you to a T. They will describe both who you are and the way you want to be seen by the world. These words will be the foundation of your personal branding.

The second stage of the personal branding will be a colour analysis to discover what colours contrast levels and fabric textures are going to suit you best. We then further refine these colours with your foundation words to choose the colours that not only fit your complexion but also reflect your personality.

Next we do a body analysis so that we fully understand what style of clothes that will look best on you, and once again we will go back to your foundation words to help us further refine your style.

Then we will need one or more elements that will make you stand out from everyone else, something that people will remember you by. For me it is my long hair, for you it may be your dazzling smile, your penchant for wearing vests, or even the unusual glasses you wear. These elements must also fit with your foundation words.

Once we are armed with this information your personal branding will start to emerge. You will have a set of rules to stick to, to ensure that you are always displaying your brand to the world. We then either take you shopping for 2 hours to get you started on the right foot or go into your wardrobe for 2 hours to put outfits together.

Personal Branding Prices

The price of a personal branding consultation starts from as little as $680 inc GST for 4 hours. For that we will create a "look" that is distinctly you, for one part of your life. For example your work life or your personal life. Cost does not include hair cut and colour or any clothes purchased. Extra time shopping or putting outfits together in your wardrobe are charged at $150 per hour.

To start working on your own Personal Branding today, contact Annalisa on 0413898776 or email her from the contacts page.

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If you wish to buy a personal branding consultation as a gift, you can purchase it now via PayPal using your credit card or bank account, you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. Simply fill in the form below and follow the rest of the instructions. You will be presented with a gift certificate you can print off, or you can contact us to send a gift certificate out in the post or via email.

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Personal Branding with Custom made Suits

personal branding sydney

At times your personal brand requires clothes that can't be found in the shops. We have found that all women's bodies are different and if you don't fit the standard sizing getting suits to fit and look professional can be impossible. We have been offering custom made suits to our personal branding clients for 5 years, for more information click one of the links above.


Looking for a whole new you?

personal brandingA makeover with My Image Consultant Sydney can include makeup, hair, a new image, a new wardrobe.

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personal brandingWe can open your conference, inspire your sales team or take your rising star to the next level with an image makeover.

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